Martial arts and mixed martial arts are great sports for kids to participate in. There is much more to martial arts than just exercise or training your body to do incredible things. Take the sport of kids' kickboxing, for example. It is a high-energy sport that really helps kids burn off energy and get fit, but it does so much more than that. Take a look at what else this sport can teach.


Kids are not known for self-control. They are just not developmentally wired for it. However, that does not mean you should not train them to have or to learn self-control. Parents who are at a loss for teaching this necessary life skill may be surprised to learn that kickboxing is all about self-control. The sport teaches kids how to control their bodies in big spaces as well as cramped spaces. In addition to spatial awareness as a form of self-control, kids also learn to control their words and actions so they do not intentionally hurt others when they are angry.


The thought that your child would ever have to use drastic measures to get away from a kidnapper or get out of a terrifying and potentially lethal situation is not something any parent wants to think about. Yet, knowing for certain that your child could fight his or her way out of a dangerous situation can also make you feel quite relieved. Kickboxing, as with any martial art or form of self-defense, not only teaches self-defense moves but also teaches self-defense strategies. Finally, kickboxing teaches the concept that outside of exercising, you should only use kickboxing for self-defense—nothing else.


So many kids these days rely on video-game accomplishments for self-esteem. You beat the bad guys or dungeon monsters, and you feel great about yourself. Unfortunately, that leaves kids sitting for hours while their young bodies lose out on important exercise. Kickboxing is a graduated sport whereby kids can earn emotional, psychological, and physical rewards for their participation. The more they learn, accomplish, and achieve, the quicker they level up, just like in a video game, but far better. As they move up the ranks, their self-esteem gets just as much of a boost as playing video games, and it is self-esteem that sticks for a lifetime. Children's growing bodies get the exercise they need, and the exercise in turn gives them the mood-boosting and stabilizing endorphins they need. 

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