Although any activity can promote weight loss, group exercise classes can be more motivating. Depending on the class you choose, you can burn more calories in a single session and give your weight loss an added boost.

Athletic Training

There are many types of athletic training classes, which are usually based on high-intensity training. Raising the intensity level of any exercise allows you to burn more calories in less time. Athletic training often involves different aspects that are designed to improve certain skills like agility, power, and strength. In addition to burning more calories, these types of exercises are also good if you want to build muscle. Simple bodyweight exercises, especially when done in many repetitions, can be effective at building muscle. Some athletic training activities may also include bands or free weights to add more resistance. You should consider athletic training classes, especially if you have other athletic goals, such as participating in competitive sports.

Combat-Based Training

Activities, such as kickboxing, combine aerobic exercise with some amount of strength-training. One reason this type of class is beneficial is it can be a good stress reliever and help with anger management in a constructive manner. Some classes may incorporate realistic combat training, which can make people feel empowered. Combat-based classes also enhance coordination and balance because of the type of moves you do. For example, using one leg to do a side kick requires core engagement to help with balancing yourself on the other leg. Isolated movements are also ideal because you focus on the muscle contraction, which can affect muscle development.

Cycling Classes

Group cycling classes are increasing popular, especially if the class has an engaging instructor, fun lighting, and upbeat music. Most cycling classes use varying levels of intensity to increase the caloric burn. You may also spend time cycling while standing up on the bike or in the seated position to make the workout more challenging and alternate with periods of active rest. Another reason cycling classes are popular is there are often options to participate in real time through an app. This allows more people to have a similar experience at any time of day or even if they are apprehensive about participating in group exercise.

When your goal is weight loss, group exercise classes that use high-intensity exercises and combine cardio with strength-training can be the best option. Being selective about the exercises you choose can give your metabolism a boost and increase the likelihood of long-term success. To learn more, reach out to your local gym about their fitness programs.