Weightlifting is great exercise for everyone. Some people worry about getting too bulky or muscular from lifting weights, but a standard weightlifting regimen will simply help your body look toned. Lifting weights can increase your functional strength, which will make everyday activities easier and safer. It can prevent bone density loss and even help you keep your mobility as you age. However, lifting weights can be dangerous if you do it incorrectly. Proper form will save you from most injuries, but a well-fitted weightlifting belt can help too. Here are three benefits to wearing a weightlifting belt to the gym:

1. Protect your back.

A weightlifting belt can help you protect your back by providing some added support. Your weight belt will wrap around your waist, where it will bolster your spine and back muscles. Your back is the part of your body most likely to get injured if you lift with bad form. A weightlifting belt can remind you to keep your back straight and lift using your leg muscles when performing exercises like heavy squats.

2. Engage your core muscles.

Your core muscles are your abdominal muscles and all the smaller muscles that support them. When you're lifting, your core should be tight and engaged, meaning your abdominal muscles should be contracted. Contracting your abdominal muscles will help you keep good posture. It will also provide extra power for your lifts. A weightlifting belt will put pressure on your core muscles, which will encourage you to contract them. As an added bonus, you may notice that you start to develop a more trim waist from using these muscles more often.

3. Lift heavier weights.

Using a weightlifting belt can give you the confidence you need to attempt heavier lifts. While you should never push yourself too hard, attempting lifts that are just outside your comfort zone is a good way to grow. Weight belts can increase your strength by subtly changing the way you breathe. Holding your breath and pushing your muscles out against the weight belt can stabilize your core area so you have more power to push heavier weights.

When you're ready to add a weightlifting belt to your gym outfit, make sure you get one that fits you properly. A weightlifting belt should be snug, but not uncomfortably tight. If you're self-conscious about wearing one of these belts, you should consider getting a custom belt. You can design a custom belt however you want, with colors and designs that suit your style and express your personality. Look into custom weight belts today.