Attending an overnight camp program that offers indoor and outdoor fitness activities, a balanced diet of healthy foods, and life coaching sessions can permanently alter the way that you live. A complete mind and body transformation can be attained, with the aid of a structured fitness plan that is customized.

Explore Some Camps

Consider what type of setting you would consider ideal for your camping experience and the number of modern conveniences that you would appreciate being supplied with throughout your stay. A fitness camp that is set up in a heavily wooded area may require that each participant performs the bulk of their fitness sessions outdoors and sleeps in a tent-like structure.

A more modern retreat may feature several buildings that are set up on a manicured tract of land. Guests may each be supplied with a private room that is similar in style to a hotel guest room.

Water features or mountains that are contained within the vicinity of a retreat may be utilized during various activities, including kayaking, paddling, swimming, or hiking. Compare camp rates, program session durations, and custom activities that are offered at each camp. Adult camps may be specific to a certain gender but sometimes are not.

Review Some Sample Schedules

A sample schedule that a camp advertises will reveal how time will likely be spent while attending a program. The time of the day that you will be required to wake up, the length of exercise and classroom sessions, targeted program activities, and a menu may be provided.

At the end of each day, there may be time for guests to reflect upon their daily accomplishments or the opportunity to enjoy some entertainment or leisure activities. Some camp programs may include taking guests offsite, to enjoy a meal or a cultural activity.

When you enroll in a camp, you will meet with a staff member who will conduct an assessment, prepare your personal schedule, and go over the rules of the camp and explain how daily camp life will be. 

Use Your Learning Tools

While you are at camp, you will learn many positive ways to improve your overall mental and physical health. The food shopping and cooking techniques that are introduced and targeted exercises that you participate in during your stay at a camp can continue to be used in your everyday life.

Once you have completed a camp program, go to your local grocery store to purchase the ingredients you need to prepare healthy meals. Plan a daily exercise goal that uses some of the physical activities that you enjoyed at overnight camp.