Many children go through a phase in their life in which they're extremely interested in horses. Some children even ask their parents if they can get a horse, but this is an unreasonable request for most families. If you have a horse-loving child, you can buy them horse toys and clothing that depicts this animal, but it's also nice to plan a family activity that will give your child a chance to see some horses up close. Depending on where you reside, there may be a few different options. Alternatively, you can look for a horse-based attraction when you're on a family vacation. Here are three ideas that your child will love. 

Equestrian Event

Attending an equestrian event is a good opportunity for your child to see a large number of horses. They'll not only enjoy watching the animals from the stands but there's often a chance to see the horses up close too. At many equestrian events, attendees are able to walk throughout the grounds and see horses in stalls, practice areas, and trailers. Your whole family will appreciate the speed and strength of these animals when watching them in person, rather than on TV.


A lot of kids who love horses long for the chance to ride one of these animals, and you can plan a surprise outing for your family to go horseback riding. Riding stables have horses in many different sizes to accommodate both children and adults. These horses tend to be extremely calm and accustomed to people, so your child shouldn't feel anxious when they finally get an opportunity to climb onto an animal. It can be fun for your whole family to ride different animals for a period of time and also get a chance to groom and feed the horses.

Wild Horses

There are packs of wild horses in a few different areas around the country. If you're lucky enough to live a short drive from one of these areas or you're planning a vacation in a nearby city, visiting an area that has wild horses can be a thrilling experience. These areas often have viewing spots from which you can observe the animals at a distance. You can also expect to see information displays that can teach you about how the horses came to be in this area.

Browse the internet to look for horse-related family activity ideas in your area.