If you have ever walked into a vitamin and health supplement store, you probably felt quite overwhelmed. Despite the willingness of the sales associates in these places, you probably wondered if you were getting the correct information and correct products. Since there are several different types of supplements that do different things for your body, you may need to plan ahead and read up before you head back into one of these stores again.

Healthy Body Supplements

Good health begins with consuming the right foods, but humans are naturally picky eaters. That said, healthy body supplements include all vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that your body needs to be healthy. Most of what is sold in the standard vitamin aisle in a pharmacy falls under this category of supplements, more often referred to as "dietary supplements" because they supplement your diet.

Immune System Support Supplements

These are the go-to supplements for anyone who has an autoimmune disorder, immunodeficiency issue, or is trying to knock sickness out of the body before it gets worse. The immune system branch of supplements support the immune system and help it fight back. It may include certain vitamins, like vitamin C, but it also includes many natural herbal supplements that have shown to be effective against pain, coughs, colds, flu, etc.

Weight Loss and Fat Removal Supplements

When you are trying to cut down your weight or create lean body mass, these are the supplements you are looking for. Some contain diuretics, which help flush out fat and impurities. Some contain natural energy-boosting vitamins and plant extracts to help you exercise more. Others contain appetite suppressants to help you eat less. Usually, a gym trainer or a store associate will recommend a combination of these supplements when your goal is to lose weight and reduce your body fat index.

Bodybuilding and Body Sculpting Supplements

Bodybuilding and body sculpting supplements usually contain agents that help you "bulk up," create lean muscle mass, prevent injury to muscles, reduce fatigue, etc. If you are currently attempting to get a beach body or muscle builder's body, these are the correct supplements for your diet and workouts. Ask your trainer for which ones you should buy and use. Some of them also contain legal steroids, so it definitely helps to know what you are buying and what you are consuming beforehand. These items should be clearly labeled on store shelves, but you should read the labels too.

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